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Last updated: 9 February 2012

This is the site from the 'Kruisbessen 'Proef'tuin'
This site is dedicated to gooseberries although we also include close relatives and hybrid berries where one of the parents was a gooseberry.

We want to share the collected information with fellow gooseberry enthusiasts. We would greatly appreciate your feedback and additions as well as suggested corrections,"share pictures...".

We intend to update this site regularly so please visit us again. We know the site is far from complete and we count on you to comment on the site and the information provided. In the future we plan to add a lot more pictures, maybe some gimmicks, but at the moment we concentrate on the "real" information ...

We will be most happy to include useful information you can provide us with. We will mention you as 'source' when you indicate this. When you feel you want to use the material on this site, you can do so, of course we would appreciate to be referenced as the material source.

We advocate the ecological more natural friendly cultivation. For that reason we have added a specific chapter about suitable cultivars.
We also look forward hearing from your personal experiences, as this is often a big help for others.

You can also contact us in Dutch, French, German or Spanish. We promise to respond to your mail in due course... Please do apologize us when it takes a few days, but it happens that we are so tied up with 'field' activities that the mail has to wait a while...

We, from the Kruisbessen proeftuin, are a small scale breeder, grower and nursery for (mainly) gooseberries (see our catalogue). We also have a 'tasting'garden. People can there see and taste the varieties we grow. The garden is open to visitors the second weekend of July, or on appointment. The tasting garden is located in Zomergem (Belgium).